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In Professor W's EarthScience Circus, the Science Club Advisor, Professor W, has invited a guestexpert to examine the challanges the Earth faces in the coming years. The expert doesn't show upbut sends his neighbor, Meatloaf, in his stead with his new invention, the Commonsensonator.Meatloaf and the Professor are a classic vaudeville set up.

This Commonsensonator is a fanciful construction posing the challenges, "How well are we takingcare of our Earth?" "How do we keep the planet healthy?" "Where do things come from?" that lead us to the concepts of how "Nothing can ever be gotten rid of, it can only go somewhere else," and, "Nothing is limitless, meaning there is only so much to go around." Meatloaf's complete

incomprehension drives the Professor to illustrate each and every one of these issues through, magic, juggling, plate spinning, classic vaudeville routines and original music, with the help of the students in our K-6 audience.

-Meatloaf and the students examine the relationships among air, water, and land on Earth and how the structures of plants and animals complement the environment of the plant or animal -They ask the "why" questions in attempts to seek greater understanding concerning the objects

and events that are observed and talked about. -Identify ways in which humans have changed their environment and the effects of those changes -They question the explanations they hear from the Professor, seeking clarification and comparing

them with their own observations and understandings -Throughout the show they must adjust their explanations and understandings of objects andevents based on their new ideas

-Generate ideas for possible solutions, individually and through audience participation; thesesolutions, recyling, neighborhood cleanups, and etc, are then illustrated with entertaining andskilled theatrics

-Use logical reasoning to reach simple conclusions

Old Bridge Township Public Schools
William A. Miller Elementary School
2 Old Matawan Road
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

(732) 360-4590 Eileen A. Vogel

March 27, 2007

The Grand Falloons 47 Hicks Street #4R Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Mr. Ringold:

I would like to thank you for coming to Miller School and putting on such a wonderful show about environmental issues. The show was great and enjoyed by all the students from grades K—5.

By using music, magic, plate spinning, and eye catching props, students were given an opportunity to understand the importance of recycling and what we need to do to keep the earth clean. Because the show was amusing, it held the student’s interest while teaching an important lesson which the children could understand clearly.

I would definitely recommend this show to other schools. The message you are teaching, pertaining to Environmental Earth Science, is very important and presented in such a way that the children enjoyed the learning process.

Sincerely, Eileen Vogel Principal